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Each product in the Hyacorp collection of dermal fillers consists of absorbable skin implants with a high level of purity. In the Hyacorp filler collection, you will find facial fillers and fillers for the body. They are medical devices intended for single use only and they are produced from a hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.


All products in the Hyacorp product line are developed from an innovative manufacturing process that allows for a special type of cross-linking. The gel molecules in Hyacorp products are covalently bonded, meaning that the fillers remain in the body for a long time and the fillers are more stable. The result of this crosslinking technique is a smooth, homogeneous, high-quality gel. All the products are intended for single use only.

The products in the Hyacorp line vary in cross-linking degree, particle size, and concentration of HA. The unique combinations of these three factors allow customers to choose the most suitable product for specific treatment areas. The degree of cross-linking determines the elasticity and duration of the filler. Treatments in deeper skin layers require a product with a high degree of cross-linking, whereas treatments in the upper skin layers, where the area needs to appear soft after treatment, for instance, lips, require a lower degree of cross-linking.

The Hyacorp fillers can be divided into 2 categories: facial fillers and body fillers. The facial fillers can be used to treat the following areas: fine lines, periorbital lines, superficial wrinkles, revitalization, lip augmentation, nasolabial folds, medium to deep wrinkles, cheek augmentation, and glabellar wrinkles. The body fillers can be used to treat the following areas: buttocks, calves, and correction of concave deformities.
Our experience is that more clinics use Hyacorp as an alternative to Macrolane which has been discontinued.

Hyacorp is a line of dermal fillers for the face and body made from high-purity hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin obtained through biofermentation. Hyacorp fillers are clear gels that are designed to be used for restoring volume and contouring face and body surfaces.

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