Hydryalix is a line of injectable sterile gel products intended for soft tissue augmentation created by Luminera.

It is composed of cross-linked hyaluronic acid from a non-animal source. The gel is latex-free, viscoelastic, transparent, and bio-degradable. Hydryalix range is fully homogeneous, smooth, easy to inject, and at the same time firm, moldable, and can be used to sculpt facial contours. This combination of properties is unique and will not be found in standard monophasic products on the market. These attributes are achieved thanks to our original HYBRID MoBi manufacturing technique.
Hydryalix is a monophasic gel. However, it allows you to enjoy the benefits of both monophasic and biphasic gels. After completing a full cross-linking process, the macromolecular network is cut into different particle sizes, creating the particle nature of the gel and generating a line of differentiated products which are intended for diverse indications.

The range offers four different product viscosities, enabling various volume capabilities and personal customization of the treatment to fit each and every patient’s specific needs. The Hydryalix line of products is designed to allow complete facial treatment of premium quality.

The Hydryalix line has many advantages :

– Up to 12 months duration
– Increased longevity due to cross-linking
– Lidocaine addition for minimal discomfort
– Hybrid mobi technology
– Biocompatible and biodegradable
– Non-animal origin

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