Monovisc is the only-animal sourced hyaluronic acid (HA) single injection treatment. It’s a gel substance that consists of the maximum dose of HA (88mg,) currently available in any single injection treatment.

Monovisc is indicated for the treatment of pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee in patients who have failed to respond adequately to conservative non-pharmacologic therapy and simple analgesics. It will provide pain relief that lasts for up to 6 months.


This product is a single injection viscosupplement that is utilized on the knee to treat joint pain. It is well suited for the treatment of the symptoms of human knee joint dysfunctions such as osteoarthritis. The actions of Monovisc are lubrication and mechanical support. It is usually given after other arthritis medications have been tried without success.


It will provide pain relief that lasts for up to 6 months. It supplements the HA naturally found in the synovial fluid of the healthy knee. It is a viscosupplement, that has to be injected by your doctor as a single intra-articular injection into the affected joint. The injection procedure of Monovisc only takes a few minutes.

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