Softfil Cannula

SoftFil was established in 2009 by the Soft Medical Aesthetics Laboratories offering the largest range of innovative cannulas for a better way of injections. The cannulas are based on the “Soft Filling Technique” and are designed for certified medical practitioners. The SoftFil needles are flexible and manufactured with a blunt tip, allowing a soft penetration into the skin. The needles can slide into the underlayer of the dermis without damaging the blood vessels.

The SoftFil Cannula range consists of 4 different cannulas:

Classic micro-cannulas, Precision micro-cannulas, Easyguides, and Needles.


The SoftFil range consists of 4 different cannulas and needles:

SoftFil Classic micro-cannulas are a revolution in blunt-tip needles available in eight different sizes making the cannulas suitable for all needs.

SoftFil Easyguide is a new step in your expertise that helps to guide the cannula into the adapted injection level. The easy guide is designed with a V-shape, which makes it an easy and precise procedure ideal for fast, safe, and successful injections.

SoftFil Precision micro-cannulas consists of 15 different sizes ideal for precise injections. The cannulas have centimetric graduation along the tube to create a symmetrical depth of injection and surface treatment to allow a perfect sliding into the skin. In addition, the cannulas have a red dot on the hub to indicate the location of the side orifice.

SoftFil Needles is a new range of needles ideal for local and precise injections as well as bolus injections. The needles are designed with centimetric graduation, surface treatments, and red dots like the SoftFil Precision micro-cannulas.

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